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“Our reports can fast-track your property development or council permit requirements, saving you time money and headaches!”

Our qualified consulting arborists perform detailed inspections of your trees for potential hazards and we offer services to make management of your trees easier than ever before.

The best way to avoid legal claims from tree incidents is to have a tree management system. Injury or damage from tree or limb failure may result in legal liability. Our proactive tree management plans can identify and mitigate these problems.

Tree Reports:

If you need a documented tree report for third parties, our consulting arborists will liaise with you in regard to your requirements and provide an independent tree report. Tree reports can be for tree retention/ removal requirements, tree disputes, tree incidents, hazardous trees, or land changes.

Tree Management Plans:

TMP’s are usually prepared for large populations of trees such as golf course, schools, reserves or commercial grounds. If you manager such a site, you have a duty of care to provide a safe environment for site users. Our management plans may include removal recommendations for some hazardous trees, while others can have their level of risk reduced to an acceptable level through pruning/ management options. We can also provide recommendations for significant/ heritage trees that warrant retention.

Pre-development Reports:

Involvement of an experienced arborist early in the planning process is essential if trees are to be successfully preserved. Our arborists can advise on which trees are suitable for retention, determine protection measures, and assist in designing a layout that maintains tree health and safety during and after construction.

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