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Tree Care in Adelaide


Unlike many other tree companies, Calypso Tree Co in Adelaide takes tree and plant health care very seriously. Our business was founded on sustaining great trees for clients who value them immensely. We have superior expertise, equipment and the latest treatments to achieve the best health outcomes long-term.

Our consulting arborists can supply authoritative tree information on:

  • Tree health and structure
  • Pest and disease identification and treatment
  • Tree hazard and risk assessment
  • Development near trees
  • Tree reports for councils
  • Proactive tree maintenance
  • Tree budget estimates
  • Tree surveys
  • Tree valuations
  • Tree disputes
  • Insurance claims from tree incidents
  • Regulated and significant trees
  • Tree species recommendations for replanting

With higher density living, less biodiversity and stresses from many factors, tree pests are causing decline in mature trees within our suburban environment.

Calypso Tree Co can quickly identify and control these tree pests:

  • Elm Leaf Beetle
  • Aphids
  • Psyllids and Lerp
  • Caterpillars
  • Red Spider Mite
  • Scale
  • White Fly
  • Many other pests and diseases

Our tree health services range from fast control of common tree pests and diseases to fully integrated tree care programs for ongoing pro-active tree management. We also deliver 'processed wood chip mulch'. Compost mulch improves the growing environment around your trees through the following processes:

  • increases soil aeration by reducing soil compaction and promoting organic activity within the tree's root zone
  • retains moisture by reducing evaporation
  • suppresses weed growth therefore reducing competition for water and nutrients
  • provides an aesthetically pleasing and natural tree protection zone to guard from damage from lawnmowers, whipper-snippers and other vehicles.

Our mulch is chemical free and is an ideal organic way to feed and protect your trees and shrubs.



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