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Tree pruning is an essential task in the care and maintenance of trees and a useful way to manage problems without resorting to complete removal.

Our Adelaide based team of arborists can assess the risks and difficulties that a tree is causing, and conduct tree pruning in the correct way. We can explain the legalities regarding tree pruning and fence lines, and have experience working in council areas right across Adelaide.

When planning pruning we take a good look at the tree's current shape and consider the behaviour and future growth potential of the species in Adelaide. We always have a clear purpose and outcome in mind before making a single cut!

We keep your neighbours happy, with good communications and if needed, respectful access to their property. Our clean-up after tree pruning is meticulous, with many customers in Adelaide commenting that we had left the yard tidier than when we started.

Pruning to shape a young tree as it develops will help prevent problems from occurring in the future. We offer seasonal services to clients in Adelaide with new tree plantings, checking on the tree's health and pruning as needed.

Safety is paramount - both when assessing a tree for pruning, and when undertaking the pruning work. We are highly trained, experienced, well equipped and fully insured.

Storms can break and rip branches, requiring careful removal before they fall. Torn branches and open bark also increases fungal disease risks to a tree; our professional pruning will leave a clean cut from which the tree can naturally heal.

High winds can add unneeded strain to the tree's crown when there are just too many branches. Strategic pruning to open up the tree canopy reduces weight and stress on the tree and allows more light to enter through the tree and to the garden below.

Some trees such as Eucalyptus are known to drop limbs unexpectedly; we can assess your tree and if needed prune any branches that are overhanging buildings or entertaining areas.

Screening trees and large hedges require routine pruning to remain thick and healthy, regular small trims are far more beneficial than extensive pruning. Talk to us about a regular tree pruning service for your Adelaide property.

Tree lopping (and topping) is an unsightly activity often undertaken as a quick fix for clearing tree branches away from power lines and roofs. This is NOT the approach we take as professional arborists, as it is not only ugly, it will ultimately damage the tree and result in increased risks.

Contact us for a professional assessment and quote for tree pruning in Adelaide.

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